Happy Clients

Hear What Clients Say About Creating Wellness With Christine

“This is the one place where I always know it’s all about me. Before visiting Christine I’d never been to see an integrative health care provider. At my initial visit she told me her office was my office; my own personal sanctuary to unwind, relax and rejuvenate. My monthly visit can be likened to an infusion of all things happiness and healing. I leave smiling, energized and calm; always looking forward to what’s ahead.”

-Jian J. Rochester, New York

“Christine’s professionalism and knowledge of the healing arts are reflected in the improvements I saw, not only in my own health, but in those of our clients that I have recommended to her since. I hold her in the highest esteem, and I’m proud to consider her as my doctor, a colleague, and my friend.”

-James Cervelloni Mindopoly Center For Change

“Christine’s passion, professionalism, and intelligence are unrivaled in the health care industry. She constantly increases her already-impressive body of knowledge, and she takes the time to uncover the root cause of health symptoms, treating the whole person and bringing them to total wellness. In my case, Christine’s dedicated expertise solved a chronic issue I had had for several years (unsuccessfully “treated” by several MDs) in a matter of a few months!”

-Shiloh Strawbridge New School of Architecture and Design

“Christine’s approach to wellness and treatment is a refreshing complement to traditional Western healthcare practices.”

-Patricia Lipari Worldwide Marketing Communications Manager Eastman Kodak Company

“Christine has an enthusiasm and passion for educating herself and bringing that knowledge to her patients, as well as the larger communities of allopathic and alternative health care providers. Christine is committed to demonstrating how complementary health care practices provide a vital role in creating, restoring and/or maintaining optimal health. Although I am not a novice to acupuncture, I was nevertheless very pleasantly surprised at how quickly I improved under Christine’s care. Thank you, Christine . . . I’m feeling great!”

-Lucia Pinizotti Mindopoly Center For Change