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I am currently accepting new clients on a limited basis who wish to approach their integrative wellness at the epigenetic level, starting with multi-faceted DNA testing.

Choose a consultation option below that offers you the most personal convenience:

  1. The initial consultation fee is $1000. This includes three, 30 minute phone sessions to discuss your results and will be followed up with a comprehensive, personalized report of findings encompassing nutraceuticals, food therapies and lifestyle considerations. You will be responsible for ordering and paying for your DNA testing and any other analytical apps we use to analyze your raw data. The cost of the DNA testing is currently $99 and the apps I use range from $5-59. The use of these apps is determined once I receive your results.
  2. Initial consultation with account set up $1200-$1600. For convenience, you may also choose to have me take care of all ordering and account set up for you to minimize the steps you will have to take overall. This will include your initial phone consultations, genetic kit ordering, account set up and activation, analytical app ordering and account set up and the follow-up report of findings encompassing nutraceutical, food therapy and lifestyle considerations. The fee for this all-inclusive consultation is $1600. If you already have the results of testing, but wish to have me set up the additional analytical app accounts, the fee is $1300.
  3. Concierge service. For clients wishing to work with me on an ongoing basis/concierge level to optimize their personal wellness please contact me so we can discuss your needs and goals. I will create a fee to suit your personalized needs. I also work with entire families and will arrange family fees as well.

Please contact me here: cmdionese(at)gmail(dot)com.

All consultation fees are due before your appointment without exception, thank you so much.

If you are someone who has worked with me in the past and would like to reconnect at the epigenetic level, please reach out!