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Hello Friends!

I am currently accepting new clients on a limited basis. My service offerings have expanded below.

Choose a consultation option below that offers you the most personal convenience:

1 | Integrative, Epigenetic Consultation

The initial consultation fee for children and adults is $500. This includes one long or two shorter, split up phone sessions for us to get to know one another. We’ll spend the first part talking about who you are out in the world, what your wellness goals are and about your beliefs surrounding healing.

We’ll also discuss the results of labs. This will be followed up with a comprehensive, personalized report of findings encompassing nutraceutical, food therapy and a myriad of lifestyle considerations for your research. You will be responsible for ordering and paying for your DNA testing and any other analytical apps we use to analyze your raw data. The cost of the DNA testing is currently $99 and the analytical app I used is $59.

If you would like to have your entire family set up a consultation, please ask me about thos fees or the Concierge Service below.

2 | Concierge Service

For clients wishing to work with me on an ongoing basis/concierge level to optimize their personal wellness please contact me so we can discuss your needs and goals. I will create a fee to suit your personalized needs. I work with entire families and will arrange family fees as well.

3 | Talk Time

This service is for those of you already working with an integrative provider focusing at the medical level, yet looking for discussion-based support.

This consultation focuses on connecting the heart and mind through your beliefs. We’ll look at what your beliefs are, where they came from and if they’re in need of an upgrade to bring together your entire lifestyle surrounding healing.

You’ll have an opportunity to explore your beliefs by considering aspects of childhood and growing up that have likely influenced where you are today.

My gentle approach with Talk Time meets you where you, free from judgement and helps guide you to manifest where you see your healing.

The fee for this consultation is $325.

4 | Conscious Parenting Consultations

We live in a world where we want to do our very best to help our children learn through self-love and self-confidence—to know and uplift them for who they are on the inside. But, what does this look like? What are the tools we need to accomplish these lifelong goals?

All of us parents share a want to upgrade our communication skills with your children.

During this consultation I’ll get to learn about your family dynamics and each family member. Throughout our discussion I will share thoughts and tips to build the personalized framework to help your family’s communication thrive and grow. After our consult, I will follow up with personalized conscious parenting tips and exercises that you’ll feel confident putting right into play with your family.

The fee for this consultation is $325.

Lots of love, I look forward to working with everyone soon;


Please contact me here: cmdionese(at)gmail(dot)com.

All consultation fees are due before your appointment without exception, thank you so much.

If you are someone who has worked with me in the past and would like to reconnect at the epigenetic level, please reach out!