Selected Writing

Christine’s work and writing has been featured at The Today Show, The Kitchn, The Feed Feed, Nourished Journal, Edible Magazine Finger Lakes, Edible Magazine San Diego, Boomtown Table, The Chalkboard Magazine, Poppy & Seed, The Cleaver Quarterly, Foodista, The Merry Thought, The Horticult and dozens of other fantastic publications around the web. Christine is the co-author of one book and the organic modern lifestyle blog, Garden Eats.

Please enjoy her selected writing here

Poppy + Seed

Why Emotional Eating Is Good For You

Shoshin: Wake Up Your Beginner’s Mind

Saying No to Adrenal Fatigue {and How to Navigate it}

Balancing Act: A Guide to Mastering Humility + Confidence

Boomtown Table

Hive Survival

A Farm Grows In Rochester 

The Chalkboard Magazine

What Is Food Therapy All About

A Radish Tonic That’s Better Than Botox 

Free + Native

Art Is Just What We Need Right Now With Art Therapist & Artist Andrea Durfee

Sidewalk Hustle

15 Minutes With Yancy Scot Schwartz