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Christine is excited to see how the fields of neuroscience, epigenetics, anthropology, microbiology, anthroposophy, ecology and sociolinguistics are becoming extensions of one another in advancing the ways we learn, co-exist and heal in the modern world today. Christine enjoys engaging readers on global health trends, the development of socially aware living, the science of alternative medicine, food science and modern eating, parenting advocacy and ecologically sustainable topics.

Christine currently writes privately and publicly about the genres of nutraceutical research, environmental and functional medicine, food therapy and clinical nutrition, healthy parenting, integrative medicine and the integrative medical private practice, self-help and psychology, socially conscious community based business consulting, lifestyle design, peer mentoring and other health and wellness related topics. Her work involves professional interviews as well as research based, layperson and blog-style content. If you have a writing or interview project in mind you’d like her help with or a colleague in a related industry you’d like an introduction to she can be reached here.

Recent Interviews & Publications

Upcoming: Edible San Diego, Edible Buffalo, Studio Shed & Natural Health 365!

Interviewed at Inspire Youthful: The Art of Ageless Living

Discussing Celiac Disease & Cross Contamination At Realivze Health 

Beyond BPA & How To Protect Yourself At Pure Mamas

Acupuncture Ambassadors: A Chat With Leader Anthony Giovanniello For Acupuncture Today Magazine

A Discussion With Phillippe Sionneau, OMD At Acupuncture Today Magazine

My first full length book with Page Street of Macmillan Publishing

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Pure Mamas

Your place for modern parenting and REAL, good food. Think that teaching your kids how to eat healthy is for the birds? Then come on over for a mind and palette expanding visit to Pure Mamas! Curated by Juli Novotny of Kookie Karma and where Christine will be featured in yet another fun and insightful ask the expert column. Christine loves teaching parents and kids how to be healthy by making and living through ethical food choices. You can interact with Christine at Pure Mamas by asking a question of your own!

Discussing when to feed baby solid foods with colleague and friend, Dr. Mary Anne Morelli-Haskell

Tips On Going Dairy Free

Christine’s organic, non-GMO, homemade food therapy, baby food recipes kids will LOVE

Christine’s Super Pregnancy Foods
Garden Eats’ immune boosting tomato paste
A vegan vanilla pudding recipe that isn’t just for kids
Talking Anesthesia & Kids
Food Therapy To Plant For Fall
Christine Answers A Reader’s Thyroid Questions
Selecting Safe Fish, Phytoplankton & Parenting
Safe & Healthy Toothpaste Recipe

Natural Health 365

Pesticides Linked To Childhood Leukemia

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Realivze Health

Current Perspectives On Synthetic Hormones

Pure Mamas

Talking Money & Health Food

Elastic Mind

Innerpreneur Spotlight with Tara Joyce

Digital Sisterhood

Peer-to-Peer Mentoring & Modern Feminism

Culinary Concepts

How Living Local is Living Large

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Circle + Bloom

The Brain & Baby-Making

House Call MD 

What Is Integrative Medicine?

Reaching Beyond Now & Elastic Mind Peer Mentoring Series

@ Reaching Beyond Now

@ Elastic Mind

WellWire Featured Columns

She was their VP of Marketing and a regular contributor to the site. Find her answering questions in the featured column, “Talk to The Experts,” creating an eco- home and biz life and bringing readers interviews with her friends and colleagues discussing sustainability and modern food culture.

WellWire Ask The Experts
Why Culture Bacteria Before Antibiotic Use
Can Acupuncture Be A Sleep Aid?
What Is Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine?
What’s the Deal with Synthetic Hormones?
How Can I Ease My Baby’s Heartburn?
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Taking Your Vitamins 101
Is Earth Day Important?
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WellWire Interviews
Navigating The Market With LA Chef Andrew Kirschner
Green Chic Gardening With Tend Living
Top Tips for Natural Pregnancy With Jen Aliano of Natural Baby Pros
The WellWire News Room
(these news briefs are no longer available, but titles left to offer an idea of Christine’s research interests)
Grant Hill NBA Star At The Acupuncturist
Friendly Bugs: Pre- & Probiotics
Americans Over-Treated with Radiation and Antibiotics
No Big Deal: Vaccines?
Inhaling Oxytocin
Intestinal Bacteria Could Determine the Underlying Cause of Metabolic Disorders
Serious Diagnosis: Concussions
Dining On Easter Rabbit
All Aboard
Mumps Outbreak Among the Vaccinated
WellWire Food Writing
Gluten-Free Vegetable Lasagna
Mid-Day Power Snacks
Chocolate Almond Butter Bark

Boehly Chiropractic

Christine joined Boehly Chiropractic in 2011 to lead their content development and business consulting team. Stop by here to read her contributions on whole body health and wellness.

Natural Baby Pros and Bonjour Baby

Christine wants to bring a voice to those who sometimes need a little help being heard. At both the US and Australian based natural baby brands, her contributions advocate for families to teach about rights to services and drug-free babies.